The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Let’s take a look at some of the many different uses these little wine ornaments can have.

  • Hang them up. No matter how sparkly the rest of your ornaments, these charming little bottles are sure to stand out on any tree.
  • String them up. To add a truly unique touch to your yuletide décor, string these little bottles along piece of tinsel and hang them up in your living room. You’ll create an instant conversation piece and on the off-chance the conversation starts to flag, you can simply reach up, grab one, and take a swig!
  • Wrap them up. Are you the kind of person that sets up a wrapping station each year and spends hours making every gift you give as spectacular on the outside as it is thoughtful on the inside? Well, this year why not add something new to your repertoire of bows and twine and ribbons? Put one of these little miniature wine bottle ornaments on top of a bow as the centerpiece of your exquisitely wrapped gift.
  • Hand them out. Your holiday party is wrapping up. You have been the hostess with the mostest once again. Add one last finishing touch by giving each of your guests a little wine bottle ornament as a parting gift (perhaps you could even decorate a small tree by the front door with them and allow each of your guests to choose one on their way out). You know they’ll put it on their own tree the second they get home – and forever be reminded of the lovely time they shared with you.
  • Light them up. Just because you’ve given into temptation and drunk the wine inside, it doesn’t mean these little wine bottles don’t still have a second life. One way to keep them festive is to put small LED lights inside so they can continue to sparkle for years to come.

We’re sure you can think of many more ways that these little wine bottle ornaments will make your winter wonderland more wonderful this winter. Please do let us know!

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