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How Tips are Paid – Esquire Chicago

We are excited to welcome you to the team at Cooper’s Hawk Esquire Chicago! We are just a few short weeks away from opening the doors and welcoming our Community in the Gold Coast. Before we get started, we wanted to provide some clarity around tipped earnings.

Servers and bartenders who receive cash tips will take them home at the end of their shift. All tipped Team Members will receive credit card and/or indirect tips (tips received from other Team Members) on our bi-weekly payday (every other Wednesday). Runners do not receive cash tips; all tips are available on their paycheck.

Paychecks are distributed either through direct deposit or Money Network, depending on what you select during the onboarding process. If you choose to change the way you receive your paycheck, you will have the opportunity to do that.

Tipped Team Members will have access to tip information from each shift, via mobile app or web browser. Detailed information for how to access this will be provided during orientation.

What’s in it for me?

  • We care about our Team Members leaving the building safely. Less cash on hand = less risk!
  • Information at your fingertips- you will have the ability to see what you earn on each shift before you receive your paycheck.
  • Less time spent each shift counting and calculating tip outs- the software does it for you!
  • Improved tax management – less action required in filing taxes at the end of the year!
  • Visibility into tip pool distributions and calculations.
  • Earnings information is available as you need it for wage verifications such as when applying for loans, apartments, etc.

When does it start?

  • Team Members will receive access to the app and the web portal along with additional information on how to view their tipped earnings the first week of training.
  • 11/13/19: First check date
    • Payment for shifts worked between 10/27 – 11/6.
    • All shifts during this time frame are training shifts, so there will be no tips earned or distributed
  • 11/27/19: Second check date
    • Payment for shifts worked between 11/7 – 11/20.
    • This will be the first pay day where tipped Team Members will receive payment for gratuity earned after 11/11.

Your management team will reach out to you over the next few days to help answer any questions you may have. This same information can be found on the Team Member Blog. We are looking forward to seeing you at an orientation on Sunday, October 27th!