Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants was born from simple idea while doing a wine tasting at a local restaurant in Illinois. Founder & CEO Tim McEnery followed his dream to create a modern-casual full-service restaurant and bar with a Napa-Style Tasting Room, featuring wines of his own creation. Through years of research, partnerships and hard work, the first Cooper’s Hawk was born in 2005 and a growing company had formed.

Cooper’s Hawk is not just unique in its concept, but it is special in what it offers its employees:

A thriving culture with the purpose of creating Community; the opportunity to learn and advance; and the chance to be an integral part of something really different, as we open new locations in communities across the country.

I started my restaurant career as a dishwasher and discovered a passion for food, service, and hospitality. Discover your passion at Cooper’s Hawk and we’ll help you find a career you’ll love.

Tim McEnery, Founder & CEO