Cooper's Hawk | Clementine Spritz

A spritz is a wine-based drink that originates in Northern Italy, specifically in Venice. Today many variations of spritzes exist, but they all have the basis of bubbles and sweetness combined with bitter or herbal notes.

Our Clementine Spritz is made with a white wine base, Clementine juice, orange peel, and quinine, which is the flavor that gives the tonic it’s unique taste. That combination is luscious and refreshing.

Drink this Spritz on its own or pour over ice with an orange peel and sprig of rosemary as a garnish!

Wine Club Member Benefits
  • Enjoy a bottle or a glass of the Clementine Spritz while you dine-in our restaurants
  • Swap one of your Wine of the Month bottles for a bottle of the Clementine Spritz
  • Sweet Wine Club Members included!

Clementine Spritz
Clemetine Spritz