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Inclusion at Cooper's Hawk

At Cooper’s Hawk, we continue to stand with those who have been impacted by injustices. We are committed to listening, learning, and leading with the core value of “We care about people.” This means not only treating others with kindness and compassion, but giving a voice to the marginalized, and supporting and advocating for the full, inclusive, community.

We take this responsibility seriously and wanted to share with you some of the steps we are taking to impact change and shape a better future together:

  1. Racism Will Not Be Tolerated at Cooper’s Hawk. We want to know about these situations. If you are the target of or witness any acts of injustice, report it to your General Manager, Area Director, HR Partner, the Team Member Support line, or our anonymous hotline. We are amplifying our awareness in our listening channels, and while we have always investigated all reports, we are heightening our efforts. We will take proper disciplinary action -- up to and including termination. This policy is true for our Team Members, Managers, Wine Club Members, Ambassadors, Guests, and Vendors.
  2. Company-wide Required Unconscious Bias Training. We are committed to continuing to educate the organization on the unconscious bias that affects our interaction, communications, and relationships with all disenfranchised and marginalized communities. Also, we will be including this topic in our upcoming annual Respect training.
  3. Creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team Member Resource Group. We want to listen and learn from you. We want to create space for you to share your voices and your feedback. The purpose of this group is to bring people together with similar experiences to connect and support each other, while also providing insights to the Leadership Team that will shape future actions of Cooper’s Hawk.
  4. CEO Focus Groups Centered Around Diversity. Similar to the Focus Groups that are currently held with Team Members to gather operational feedback, these additional Focus Groups will discuss opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion within Cooper’s Hawk.
  5. Program to Better Support Career Development for Team Members of Color. We want to ensure that we are investing in and developing our Team Members of color while also providing career paths to increased leadership and compensation. We want our organization to reflect the communities we serve. We believe that honoring diversity creates a better community, a better place to work, a better business, and a better world.
  6. Somm Foundation Scholarship Program to Support Diversity in the Wine Industry. Annually, Cooper’s Hawk will award ten scholarships for Black American Wine Professionals who are pursuing education in the areas of wine service, winemaking, retail, wholesale, and restaurant wine service. The first scholarship will be awarded Summer 2020 and the balance will be awarded by the end of the year.

We recognize that we are stronger together. We also understand that this is a journey and it is important that we have your thoughts and feedback along the way. We welcome your guidance, questions, and insight at [email protected] to help us in our goal of building a community where all are represented and included.

Let’s please continue to treat each other with love and understanding.

With hope and gratitude,

Tim McEnery, Founder & CEO