This promotion has ended.

Thank you for participating in our 1st ever Referral Campaign: Pour It Forward! Your bottles of Society V will be added to your account in November, and you will be notified via email when they are ready for pickup!

What is Society V?

Society V is a small batch, ultra-premium blend that pays homage to the esteemed founding of the Wine Club in 2005. Highly coveted and expertly crafted, each sip is a true expression of luxury and unparalleled excellence. In Society V, you hold a privilege that is truly extraordinary—let us indulge you in a selection specifically curated for those with a boundless thirst for discovery.

Society V is not available for purchase and the only way you can enjoy it is through participation in the Pour It Forward referral program. It's a very limited production so start referring your friends now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Society V bottles?

You will be qualified to receive your Society V bottles after your invited friends complete their second monthly membership payment. Bottles will be available for pickup in November.

You will receive an email notification when the bottles are available and have been added to your account. The email will also let you know where you can pick up the bottles. Your bottles will NOT be available until you receive the email notification.

How many Society V bottles can I earn?

As a Wine Club Member, you can earn up to 3 bottles of our Society V blend.

You'll receive a bottle of Society V for each of the first 3 friends you referred who complete their second month in the Wine Club.

What does my friend receive when they join the Wine Club?

The friends that you refer to join the Wine Club will receive a dine-in bottle to be enjoyed at any Cooper's Hawk or Piccolo Buco locations. Your referral will receive their dine-in bottle after they complete their second monthly Wine Club payment. This is in addition to their monthly bottles which will be available immediately after they join, along with great benefits like monthly Tastings for Two!

Example of second payment: Your friend joins on August 11 (one payment) and then completes their payment for the September Wine of the Month on August 22 (second payment); they will receive their bottle. Your friends who qualify will be notified when their bottles have been added to their accounts. Bottles will NOT be available until you receive the email notification.

How many friends can get the complimentary Welcome Dine-In Bottle?

You can refer as many friends as you like, and every friend who joins (can be more than 3) through your referral link will receive a complimentary dine-in bottle of wine after completing 2 monthly Wine Club payments!

You will receive up to 3 Society V bottles, one for each of the first 3 friends who join.

How do I know if my referred friend has been approved?

We will send you weekly updates via email with the status of your referrals.

Pending = Joined the Wine Club online using your referral link

Qualified = Completed their second monthly Wine Club payment

Can I purchase a bottle of Society V?

No. The only way that you can unlock this ultra-premium blend is by referring your friends to the Wine Club through the Pour It Forward program!

Terms & Conditions

The Inviter: Wine Club Members are eligible to participate if their account is active and have a valid email address on file as of August 10, 2023. Eligible Members (the Inviter) will receive a bottle of Society V wine loaded on their account for each qualified referral (up to a maximum of 3 bottles) based on the qualification timing. Society V bottle(s) will be available in October and must be picked up by 12/31/2023. Pour it Forward offer is only available while supplies of Society V last. Referrals must be made via the Referral Portal by September 18, 2023 and satisfy the below criteria for qualification.

The Invited
: Referrals (the Invited) are qualified if they signed up for a 2- or 3-bottle “pickup” Wine Club membership from August 10 to September 18, 2023 via the referral link sent from the Inviter, and complete two consecutive monthly membership payments with the same membership (type and the number of bottles) by August 29, 2023 for signups completed between August 10 to August 21, 2023 and September 26, 2023 for signups completed between August 21 to September 18, 2023. Qualified referrals will receive a one-time Welcome Dine-In bottle and will be notified when the bottle is added to their account. The Welcome bottle can be redeemed in the dining rooms of Cooper’s Hawk locations as long as the account is active and within 45 days after it’s made available on the account (value up to $34.99). Offer is not available for 1-bottle pickup, gift memberships, or delivery memberships and not available for in-restaurant signups.