It's summer, and we are pouring out our gratitude in bottles of wine!

As part of your Wine Club benefits, Members who join by July 31, 2019 will receive an extra bottle* (or two, for 2-bottle Members) to be enjoyed in the dining room as our heartfelt thank you.

Make sure to enjoy your Thank You bottle(s) by September 2nd.

Bottle-Shaped Thank You promotion details

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the promotional bottles work?

Wine Club Members will receive a dine-in bottle(s) based on their membership level. One-bottle Members receive one dine-in bottle. Two-bottle Members receive two dine-in bottles. These bottles can be swapped for popular choices like Sangria pitchers, Barrel Reserve Carafes, Cooper's Hawk Lux wines, or a bottle of your favorite varietal. Upcharges on single bottle swaps may apply.

How many Thank You bottles will I receive?

Regardless of Club type (Red, White, Variety, or Sweet), One-bottle Wine Club Members receive one Thank You bottle. Two-bottle Members receive two Thank You bottles.

How do I receive a Thank You bottle on my Wine Club Membership?

When your Wine Club Membership has successfully been charged out for the month of July, you will receive your Thank You bottle. If you sign up as a new Wine Club Member during the month of July, you must be successfully charged your July Membership fee (the Thank You bottle is added to your account the following day).

How long does the promotion run?

Bottles are available from June 25th – September 2nd.

Can I bring my Thank You bottle(s) home?

Thank You bottles are only available for dine-in. If you are concerned about not finishing it, we can recork it for you to take home.

I was not able to make it to the restaurant before the promotion expired. Do I still have my promotional bottle(s)?

Expired Thank You bottles (or shipping coupons) cannot be redeemed. Once expired, they will be removed from the Wine Club Membership.

I just signed up for the Wine Club. Can I use my Thank You bottle tonight?

You can use your July Wine of the Month tonight, and your Thank You bottle will be available tomorrow.

Can I gift my Thank You bottle to someone else?

Promotional bottles are non-transferable and cannot be gifted. For security purposes, you must be present with your Wine Club Membership card and a valid ID to redeem your Thank You bottle.

I have my wines delivered to me. How do I redeem my Thank You bottle?

Active Shipping Members are not given bottles. Instead they are sent a $20 Thank You Letter at the end of June. The $20 Thank You Letter offers the Member $20 off their next shipping order placed on our online store: Two-bottle Shipping Members are rewarded a $40 shipping coupon.

I am a Shipping Member, but I would love to come in for dinner. Can I convert my shipping coupon to a Thank You bottle?

Shipping Wine Club Members can contact Member & Guest Services (708-215-5674). They can remove the shipping coupon and add the Thank You bottle(s).

* Thank You bottles are part of Cooper’s Hawk Wine Club member benefits and are available for members with an active account during the period of June 25 to July 31, 2019. One “Thank You” bottle for one-bottle members and two “Thank You” bottles for two-bottle members can be redeemed in the dining room, bar, or patio at any Cooper’s Hawk restaurant locations from June 25 to September 2, 2019. Members can choose from Red/White/Sweet Red/Fruit/Sparkling sections of our standard wine menu, excluding Lux wines and Camille Brave. Specialties/International/Dessert wines are excluded except for Sangria pitcher, Barrel Reserve carafe and Chocolate Wine. Members can trade two “Thank You” bottles for one Lux bottle. Wine selection is subject to availability at individual location. Cooper’s Hawk reserves the right to amend the offer at any time.