The Original Cooper's Hawk

Born from the vision of our Founder Tim McEnery and brought to life by the community of Orland Park, IL, this original Cooper’s Hawk is the beating heart that unites our growing locations around the country. Orland Park is the place where our community started, where we began to build lasting friendships, where we first shared stories and memories over great food and wine.

More than 15 years ago, Cooper’s Hawk was just a dream. A dream to create a community where a shared passion for wine and food would bring people closer together. Where Team Members are more than employees, they are like family–and many of our original Team Members are still with Cooper’s Hawk today! To this day, Orland Park represents the commitment, the generosity, and the energy that Cooper’s Hawk embodies.

Tim McEnery, Founder
The Original Menu

Working closely with the original Executive Chef Jose Esparza, Tim crafted a menu of 64 menu items, many of which have become Cooper’s Hawk signature dishes, such as Mexican Drunken Shrimp, Pistachio-Crusted Grouper, and Jambalaya. Chef Esparza is still a significant part of Cooper’s Hawk and leads culinary across multiple Cooper’s Hawk kitchens.

Original Menu
The Original Winery

Birthplace to the country’s largest wine club, Orland Park is still as energetic as when the doors first opened, welcoming new and old friends every day, and keeping us grounded in our mission. Tim opened the Orland Park winery as our sole winemaker, with 11 varietals in our wine catalog. The wine was made on-premise, supported by a single, small 974-gallon tank (producing about 350 bottles in the tank).

The Original Team Members

The most essential part of Cooper’s Hawk – our Team Members! We are beyond grateful and proud that many of the Team Members who helped open Orland Park are still part of the Cooper’s Hawk family today. These individuals paved the way for the passion, commitment, and hospitality you enjoy in all restaurants every day. Join us and celebrate Orland Park – the heart of Cooper’s Hawk, where it all began!