Where can I find the most up-to-date information regarding Cooper's Hawk's COVID-19 Response and handling of Member Benefits during this time?

Please visit Our Commitment to You page for the latest regarding our response to COVID-19, restaurant operating hours and re-openings. For information about Member Benefits during this time, please visit our COVID-19 Member FAQs page. Thank you for your support.

What are the benefits of being a Wine Club Member?

One-Bottle Member Benefits

  • One handcrafted wine every month, not available to Non-Members
  • Discounts (see discount structure below)
  • Complimentary dining rewards issued to your membership on your birthday, and on your spouse’s birthday
  • Expect something extra special for the Wine of the Month in October as we celebrate our Anniversary Month
  • Monthly Wine Club Newsletter with tasting notes
  • Enjoy Exclusive Wine Club Events for Members Only

Two-Bottle Member Benefits All of the above benefits, plus

  • Two complimentary tastings each month (complimentary tastings do not carry over into the following month)
  • $2.00 discount on two-bottle membership fee

What is the “Member Signature” benefit?

  • The “Member Signature” benefit allows Members and the secondary member on their account to put dining/bar purchases at any Cooper’s Hawk location on their existing payment method on your Wine Club account. This is just another way for us to recognize Wine Club Members in our restaurants.
  • Members must provide their membership card or an appropriate photo I.D. in order to use this benefit for specific transactions.
  • Member Signature is only available for dining/bar charges below $400 (inclusive of taxes).
  • Member Signature is not available for Cooper’s Hawk gift cards, gift memberships, private events, tasting room, carryout, or retail purchases.
  • Members may decide whether to use this feature for some or all of their dining visits. Members may disable Member Signature for all transactions and update or remove secondary members at any time by updating their account profile on chwinery.com or by calling Member & Guest Services at 708-215-5674.
  • Don’t have your Member card? Request a new one through your online Profile or by calling Member & Guest Services.

What discounts do I receive as a Wine Club Member?

Discounts are as follows

  • 10% off 1-5 bottles
  • 15% off 6-11 bottles
  • 20% off 12+ bottles
  • 10% off carryout and catering orders
  • 10% off selected merchandise retail each month

When should I expect my birthday rewards?

Birthday rewards are issued a month before your birthday and expire a month after your birthday

What is the price of the Wine Club?

We have several different options available. Read more on our Wine Club Pricing page.

Which date am I billed?

Wine Club Members are billed on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Which day of the month can I pick up my wine?

Your handcrafted wine is available the fourth Tuesday of the prior month. For example, your February wine will be available the fourth Tuesday of January.

Do I have to pick up my wine at the location I signed up for a Wine Club Membership at?

No. You may pick up your Wine of the Month at any of our Cooper’s Hawk locations.

What happens if I am unable to pick up my Wine of the Month?

We will hold on to your wine as long as we can. In the event we run out of the Wine of the Month, you may pick any bottle in our store valued up to $22.99.

May I exchange my Wine of the Month?

The benefit of being in a Wine Club is expanding your wine palate, so we ask that you sample the Wine of the Month in our Tasting Room before making the decision to exchange it; however, wines valued up to $22.99 may be substituted at no cost. Wines valued greater than $22.99 may be substituted with the charge of the remaining balance.

Sweet Club Members can select from the list of available Sweet Club options.

Can I ship my wines?

Yes, Wine Club Members have the option of having their wines shipped to their homes instead of picking them up. This is especially convenient for out-of-state Members. If you choose to have wines shipped to you, you will receive 3 wines quarterly and you will get billed quarterly as well. Prices are $82.99 per three months for a one-bottle membership, and $145.99 per three months for a two-bottle membership. The cost includes shipping. Shipments are scheduled to arrive 2-3 weeks from process date of Wine Club fee. Delivery option is only available in select states.

How long am I committed to stay in the Club, once I become a Member?

There is an open cancellation policy. You may cancel at any time, and there are no cancellation fees.

I would like to make updates to my Membership. Where may I do that?

You can make updates to your Membership online at chwinery.com, or by calling our Member Services Department at 708-215-5674. You may make changes such as credit card or billing updates, name changes, as well as change your Wine Club preferences.

How do I cancel my Membership?

You can may cancel your Membership in any Tasting Room location or by contacting our Member Services Department at [email protected] or 708-215-5674.

I cancelled and want to rejoin. What are the next steps?

Stop by any of our tasting rooms, or call our Member Services Department at 708-215-5674 to reactivate your membership. We will reissue your original membership number and reactivate all points on your account.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for the Cooper's Hawk Wine Club?

Terms & Conditions for the Cooper’s Hawk Wine Club can be found here.