Ambassador Program

The Cooper’s Hawk Ambassador and Ambassador Elite Clubs recognize select Members based on annual spend and longevity in the Wine Club. Members who qualify for the Clubs receive exclusive benefits and personalized access in addition to existing Wine Club Member benefits.

Earning Ambassador Credits

There are two ways to earn Ambassador Credits, by annual online and restaurant spend, as well as tenure in the Wine Club. Combining these will give you your Ambassador Credit Score.

Restaurant Spend

Every $1 you spend in one of our locations or online (excluding private party spend, Wine Club events, Gift Memberships and travel) equals one Ambassador Credit*.

Example: You spend $100 on dinner and $50 in retail items, you’ll receive 150 Ambassador Credits.

Wine Club Tenure

One-bottle Wine Club Members receive 10 credits per month enrolled from the time they joined the club. Two-bottle Members receive 20 Ambassador Credits. Three-bottle Members receive 30 Ambassador Credits.

Example: If you've been a one bottle Member for two years and have been successfully charged out each month, you'll receive 240 Credits.

Tier Qualification


3,500 total Ambassador Credits in the 2024 calendar year

Ambassador Elite

7,000 total Ambassador Credits in the 2024 calendar year

Ambassador Benefits
BenefitsAmbassadorAmbassador Elite
Welcome gift X X
A dedicated concierge line X X
Early access to Friends of Cooper's Hawk events X X
Monthly Lux wine tasting** 2 4
Retail merchandise discount^ 15% 20%
Point Multiplier Day amount 3x 5x

* Excludes Private Party spend, partner offers, Gift Memberships, event tickets, and travel

** Monthly tastings are upgraded to Lux tastings. For Ambassador Elites, 2 additional Lux tastings are available monthly

^Some exclusions apply

FAQ for Ambassador Program

What is the difference between Ambassador and Ambassador Elite?

Ambassadors must reach 3,500 credits and Ambassador Elite Members must reach 7,000. Ambassador Elite Members receive all the benefits as Ambassadors plus additional tastings, and greater point multiplier amounts.

How do I know if I qualify?

Wine Club Members are emailed when they reach Ambassador or Ambassador Elite status. Status is given at the beginning of the next calendar year and new benefits will start when you are charged your membership fees for February.

What are the program qualification dates?

The program runs on an annual basis from January 1 – December 31.

When do I receive my benefits for tier qualification?

Benefits for each tier will begin at the start when you are charged your membership fees for February.

Where do I check my total Ambassador Credit Balance?

Ambassador Credit balances will be emailed to each member on an ongoing basis. Members can also call Member and Guest Services at 708-215-5674. Members can also check their tier progress online at or on the Cooper's Hawk mobile app.

Are Ambassador Credits and Points the same thing?

No, the number of points you earn has no bearing on your Ambassador Score. However, 350 points still earns you a $25 Loyalty Reward valid at any Cooper’s Hawk location.

Do I earn multiplied Ambassador Credits on Point Multiplier Days?

No, Points are not counted toward your Ambassador Credits.

What happens to my credits at the end of the year?

On January 1, all spend related credits will reset to 0. However, you’ll carry over your tenure Credits as long as you are a member of the Wine Club!

What if my account is placed on vacation?

Credits are not earned when an account is on vacation.