Meet the exceptional recipients of the Cooper’s Hawk Scholarship for BIPOC American Wine Professionals. We look forward to your continued success in the wine industry as we work together to make it a more diverse and equitable community for all in partnership with the SommFoundation. Apply for the 2024 scholarship in June. Stay tuned for more information!

Making wine education accessible to all is one of our key missions at Cooper’s Hawk, and we are thrilled to present these talented individuals with the opportunity to further their education and career in the wine industry.

  • Mireya Aguilar - San Diego, CA
  • Sabrina Cerquera - Portland, OR
  • Ali Laivadhana - Honolulu, HI
  • Colby Mitchell - Charlotte, NC
  • Alexandra Morton - Austin, TX
  • Isabel Pacheco - Santee, CA
  • Rebeca Pinhas - New Orleans LA
  • Dhruv Singh - Hood River, OR
  • Brittany Vincent - Landover, MD
  • Holli Wright - Frankfort, IL

"Wine is such an individualistic style, not every style is the same, just as not every individual is the same. If we have different individuals working within the wine industry, more variety would be available and different wine styles could be highlighted within the industry. Diversity is what makes our world great, it would be fantastic if more POC were highlighted within the wine industry." - Mireya Aguilar

"Being able to break stigmas or even biases around wine. That can be from my family and friends, such as showing them a new wine or sending me a picture of something new they have tried. Seeing that I impacted how they wanted to purchase/drink that particular wine brightens my eyes. Even in the current landscape where I currently work, customers may not be used to seeing a young black wine worker in a wine shop, and they can be hesitant when asking me for recommendations. Being able to recommend great wine consistently when given the opportunity helps create a great relationship where customers seek me out and trust what I say." - Colby Mitchell

"It is an honor to spend some one on one time with Emily Wines. Aside from the financial support, mentorship is a huge necessity for the wine community. Career advice and moral support are necessary tools for better time management and orientation. To have someone with her extensive experience will help me make the most of my career moving forward." - Isabel Pacheco

"It is important that the table I sit around and serve as well as the people I work with represent the diversity of backgrounds and minds that exist in my communities. I want to uplift all kinds of people to enjoy wine through creative educational experiences. Exceptional, diverse talent at all levels of the wine industry can help cultivate safety, cooperation, and empowerment." - Dhruv Singh

"When I first came into the wine Industry I didn't see anyone who looked like me. Now that I have active roles within the industry people of all creeds come to me for advice and mentorship. I'm glad I can be part of the diversity shift that is happening within the community and show other minorities there's room for us all here." - Brittany Vincent

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be mentored by Emily. I see her as an invaluable resource, and I am eager to learn from her expertise." - Holli Wright


This scholarship is to assist BIPOC Americans who are passionate about pursuing a career in the wine industry. Scholarship amount is $1000. Ten scholarships will be awarded. Whether you are pursuing an entry-level or higher-level program, this scholarship is open to all applicants. In addition to the scholarship, Cooper’s Hawk Master Sommelier, Emily Wines, will offer personal mentorship to each recipient. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on demonstration of need and merit.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must work and reside in the United States
  • Must identify as Black, Asian, Latinx, Indigenous, or Person of Color
  • Cooper’s Hawk team members are eligible to apply, but must disclose the relationship with Cooper’s Hawk in their application.

Learn more about the scholarship on the SommFoundation's website.