Pay Day Portal

Cooper’s Hawk is transitioning to tips on paychecks or all restaurants this summer. This means that all credit card and indirect tips will be paid on your bi-weekly paycheck. Cash tips continue to be taken home at the end of each shift.

Tipped Team Members can download the Pay Day Portal app to view tip information, including how much you earned in tips by shift, detail of tip-out to other Team Members, and break down of tip pooling.

Daily Pay

Cooper’s Hawk is excited to share that a new on-demand pay benefit is coming soon to all Team Members! This voluntary benefit, called Daily Pay, allows Team Members to access up to 50% of their earnings (hourly rate, credit card, and indirect tips) – the day after you work a shift.

Have a flat tire and can’t wait until pay day? Learn more about Daily Pay to see if this benefit is right for you!