Vino Reveal is a virtual blind tasting experience to enjoy at home, featuring three of our red wines or white wines!

The Blind Tasting Kit is for everyone, whether you’re new to the wine world and just want to have fun, or you’re an experienced wine drinker and want to put yourself to the test and get competitive! Reconnect with friends, switch up date nights, enjoy with Mom for Mother’s Day, or try it out just because.

The $79.99 kit includes 3 tissue-wrapped red wines, instructions to set up your tasting, a blank tasting guide to write down your notes and access to an exclusive video with Emily Wines, an internationally recognized Master Sommelier, who will walk you through your tasting. You can purchase and pick up at your local Cooper's Hawk or have it shipped to you*.

By the end of the experience, you and your guests will have learned about the history, region, and tasting notes of each wine!

So put your senses to the test, film your tasting and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you’re feeling confident, tag #CHVinoReveal and have fun!

*Vino Reveal kits can only be shipped in the state of Illinois.

Blind Tasting Kit* Includes

$79.99 | Serves 2-4 guests

  • 3 tissue-wrapped red wines (keep them wrapped until you complete your tasting!)
  • Instructions to set up your tasting
  • Blank Tasting Guides to complete throughout your tasting
  • Exclusive video link of Master Sommelier Emily Wines who will walk you through your tasting!

*Based on availability and timing of inventory replenishment