From medieval castles to cobblestone villages to emerald vineyards, Portugal surpasses expectations and offers timeless surprises. This custom-tailored tour features an excellent collection of old-world cities, incredible castles, and wines that reveal a flavorful diversity in every bottle. Explore timeless Lisbon with historic buildings full of history and vibrant modern energy.

Wind through the lush Douro Valley, showcasing sprawling vineyards, breathtaking landscapes, and quaint towns and villages. Discover the charm of Porto with narrow alleys and neighborhoods characterized by a diverse mix of homes and buildings featuring azulejo facades which are part of the city’s uniqueness.

Wine cellars sport a local heritage dating back, in some cases, to the 12th and 13 centuries. Join your Cooper’s Hawk hosts, Rae Ritrovado and Hassahn Liggins, for exclusive experiences and a tour that will deliver fabulous delights at every turn.