Caber­net Sauvignon

[ cab-er-nay so-vee-nyawn ]

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Opaque ruby red


A bou­quet of mixed berries, pen­cil shav­ings, herbs, and a wealth of spices are com­ple­ment­ed by cig­ar box and oak nuances


Dis­play­ing true vari­etal char­ac­ter sup­port­ed by a sol­id struc­ture and great bal­ance, this wine will con­tin­ue to drink well for years to come


Bone-in steaks, pun­gent cheeses, mush­room risot­to, rich dishes

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Featured Awards

Competition Recognition
2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionSilver
2017 Harvest Challenge Wine CompetitionSilver
2016 Critic's Challenge International Wine CompetitionGold
2016 Eastern International Wine CompetitionGold
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