Pinot Noir

[ pee-noh nwahr ]

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Light ruby to garnet


Rasp­ber­ry, ripe straw­ber­ry, cher­ry, and dried cran­ber­ry aro­mas are accent­ed by sub­tle oak spice, pep­per, and smoke


Lighter weight, inte­grat­ed tan­nins, and bright acid­i­ty make this wine per­fect­ly struc­tured for an array of foods


Every­thing from salmon to steak

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Featured Awards

Competition Recognition
2017 World Wine ChampionshipsGold
2017 Hilton Head International Wine CompetitionBronze
2017 International Eastern Wine CompetitionGold
2017 Indy International Wine CompetitionSilver
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