Carne Rosso



Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep Red


All of the clas­sic notes of black cur­rant, black­ber­ry, bell pep­per, cof­fee and sweet bak­ing spices come togeth­er in a bold wine that has all the struc­ture to com­ple­ment the fla­vors and tex­ture of a hearty rib eye steak


Caber­net Sauvi­gnon grapes have thick skins, which con­tribute to high­er tan­nin lev­els in the result­ing wine. Tan­nins are com­pounds found in grape skins, seeds, and stems, and they cre­ate a dry and slight­ly bit­ter sen­sa­tion in the mouth


When look­ing for a per­fect pair­ing for Carne Rosso, con­sid­er the great steaks of the world: Mex­i­can Carne Asa­da, Kore­an Bul­go­gi, Ital­ian Bis­tec­ca all Fiorenti­na, Japan­ese Waygu or the good Amer­i­can Steak­house Clas­sics like the rib­eye steak or porter­house steak

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