Grate­ful Red & White Blends


Grate­ful Red: Light Brick Col­or, Grate­ful White: Pale Yellow


Grate­ful White is aro­mat­ic, fresh, and fruity with fla­vors of green apple, mel­on, hon­ey, and trop­i­cal fruit. Grate­ful Red was made to emu­late the fla­vors of cran­ber­ry sauce: bright red fruits, bak­ing spice, orange peel, and vanilla.


The Grate­ful White blend focus­es on aro­mat­ics and fresh­ness, with 37% Gewürz­tramin­er and 29% Mal­va­sia from Cal­i­for­nia, 27% Ries­ling from Wash­ing­ton, and 7% Mus­cat from Italy. In the red, we want­ed to make a rich­er style than in pre­vi­ous years, so 34% Grenache and 34% Tem­pranil­lo bring bold, rich red fruit notes, while 10% Bar­bera brings in wild herbs and savory, earthy fla­vors. 10% Pinot Noir adds soft­ness and ele­gance, and 3% Zin­fan­del adds more jam­my rich­ness, mak­ing for a com­plex and seri­ous­ly deli­cious wine.


Grate­ful Red: Turkey and Juicy Cran­ber­ry Sauce, Grate­ful White: Wal­dorf Sal­ad or Sweet Potatoes

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