Join Cooper’s Hawk Master Sommelier Emily Wines as she hosts this new tour, which visits some of the very best regions of France, including Paris, Champagne and Burgundy.

We will enjoy the unparalleled charm of the City of Light, the effervescent splendor of Champagne, and the exceptional wine-producing region of Burgundy. We invite you to embark on this enchanting journey, where you’ll discover the secrets behind the artistry of sparkling wine, explore charming towns with cobblestone streets, and indulge in the culinary delights that pair perfectly with these vintages.

From the grandeur of Reims — with its iconic cathedral and prestigious Champagne Houses — and the picturesque, vine-covered slopes of Aÿ and Épernay, to the hidden gem
of Beaune, our tour will immerse you in rich history, culture, and the flavors and aromas of fabulous wines and cuisine.